• Chinese Culture
  • Chinese New Year & Spring Festival 2008

    Year of the Pig ends and year of the Rat begins on febraury 7th 2008 till January 26th 2009 “Springfestival” or “Chinese Newyear” is nowadays well known in the West as well, though only experiencing it yourself will show you how important it is for the Chinese. The impact is huge, surely with the role […]

  • Fakes and Copies
  • Weekend shopping at the PanJiaYuan antique market in Beijing

    If you have never been to the Panjiayuan weekend market, you are really missing out. Genuine antiques? Not really (Well maybe one or two) But cool stuff? Definately! It you are a wholesaler or professional in the industry, you know this is a horrible place to do business. On the spot cash payments and consolidation/transport […]