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  • China Coal City’s Tycoons Splurge on Antiques as Dealers Swoop

    These days there is a TON of news articles about the art market and China’s insatiable demand for Chinese artworks and antiques. Did I mention there was a ton of these articles recently? Regardless, this is one of the more interesting ones… June 26 (Bloomberg) — Few people gave Zhao Xin a second look when […]

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  • Beijing Field trip: Outdoor Wholesale Chinese Antique Market Tour

    ACF China and the The Hutong will be co-organizing a field trip this Saturday morning to visit a outdoor wholesale market where peasants from the countryside bring antique furniture to sell to wholesalers, specialists and restorers. This is an extremely rare opportunity to see where antique furniture comes from and what it looks like in […]

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  • Antique Shopping in Beijing, China

    Another youtube find, apparently from someone (Tricia Wang) shopping in the various “antique” markets (notice the quotes) here in Beijing. Highly doubt there are many antiques to be found here but still… its a lot of fun and a great cultural experience. Love the music overlay…. If the embeded version does not play, try this […]