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  • Qianlong vase initially valued at $1300 sets record price of $69 million at auction

    Its been happening so frequently that these headlines are almost starting to become old news. Still, it does make you want to go poking around in your grandmothers attic… Neglected Family Vase Sets 66 million Record for Chinese Art at Auction Apparently the  18th-century  Qianlong-era porcelain vase was discovered while cleaning out a modest London […]

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  • The 47,000 USD dollar tooth brush holder – Chinese porcelain brush pot in owners bathroom sells at auction for staggering sum.

    Here’s a great tidbit from the Dailyrecord:  China pot which owner used as toothbrush holder sells for £30k at auction. Quick – everyone run into their bathrooms right now to see what you got in there! I have a pristine tube of Crest toothpaste which I have been holding onto for years – definitely going […]

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  • Detecting Fake Chinese Porcelain & Ceramics

    I am always a fan of people who dig into a subject, taking the time to take photos, make illustrations and simply dig in to the nitty-gritty details. People often forget that it takes time to take the time to share their own thoughts and insights on topics they are passionate about. So I was […]

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  • Where can I find detailed information on Chinese porcelain, pottery and ceramics?

    (This is a section from a previous post which I think is worth separating out here, since I am asked this question quite a lot). Where can I find more detailed information on Chinese porcelain, pottery and ceramics? Chinese porcelain, Oriental ceramics and Japanese porcelain and pottery are all unique entire subjects of their own […]

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  • Authentic antique Chinese porcelain wares, pottery and oriental ceramics.

    I recently was looked over a friends personal collection of Chinese porcelain wares, which I have been meaning to post photos and descriptions of here for quite some time. For now, I have included a slide show below which pulls the images from ACF’s page on Flickr. Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. The hi-resolution images can […]