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  • Little white lies in business relationships (or how to have a headache in 60 seconds or less)


    Something I found extraordinarily annoying, really hard to stomach, and terribly counter productive, is the tendency for some Chinese partners and suppliers to blurt out what ones knows is definitely a lie, rather then simply state the facts and subsequently determine what to do about them.

  • Business in China
  • Buying from China – The customer is NOT always right.

    You want white – they want black – and with a lot of pulling and tugging hopefully you’ll get gray. But is it really that simple? Does it really all boil down to just communication issues? Sometimes the buyer is just as much at fault for this situation as is the seller.

  • Business in China
  • Import Nightmares – Readers share their experiences when things go wrong with China suppliers

    Chinese Antique Furniture Wholesaler - We are professional vendor selling chinese furniture for more than 15 years, we provide professional package and worldwide shipping. Trust, High-Effenciency,Service is the three keys we believe. Thanks for your attentions on us. Teams of Eastern Curio Group.

    Buyer beware! A look at some of the horror stories we have come across mostly from customers about scam companies such as antiquesbeijing.com, easterncurio.com, chineart.com, shanghaifurniture.com, Beijing Dragon Rising Antiques Sales company, Ningbo Bogu Antique Furniture.

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  • Brits Get Rich In China! A humorous look at business in China.

    A documentary charting the exploits of three British entrepreneurs as they try to make their millions in Chin

    “Hilarious. Absolutely Brilliant. And a dead-on accurate depiction of what REALLY occurs in China.” As China develops (well, some parts of China anyways) and Starbucks Coffee keeps putting up more coffee shops (Did you know there are already 55 in Beijing alone?), its easy to forget what really lays just beneath the surface. For all […]

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  • The problem of “Chabuduo” (and how it affects reproduction furniture)

    Chinese workers love to use the phrase Chàbùduō  差不多 (pronounced “Cha Boo Daul) which directly translates to ¨not very far off (meaning approximately or roughly)¨ Unfortunately, in almost all case it usually works out to be not even close, in otherwords, “cha tai duo” (meaning way too far off). Workers see no need for exact […]