• Cool Finds/Rare Items
  • Mystery: Are these Chinese oracle bones inscriptions carved on a tortoise shells?

    Interesting recent find… The question is “what is it?” Are these oracle bones ( 甲骨 jiǎgǔ) ? And if so, why is  it not cracked? Or was this particular one simply used for practicing carving inscriptions? Or maybe even record keeping? Is this pictographs indeed an example of jiăgŭwén (oracle script) or is it seal […]

  • antique appraisals
  • Woman finds out her father’s jade collection is worth over a million USD.

    18th-Century Qianlong Jade Collection from Qing Dynasty Appraised Value: $710,000 – $1,070,000 Watch the appraisal video here on the Antiques Roadshow website. Or even better, watch this interview with the owner in North Carolina. GUEST: My father was in China two different times– I think in the late ’30s and sometime during the ’40s, with […]

  • Cool Finds/Rare Items
  • Cool Finds: A look at some 2000 year old, Han Dynasty earthenwares

    Note: All images are clickable. During our treks and travels, we come across all sorts of rare, unusual and interesting things. Like this 300 year old temple table we stumbled across this past summer. Or this Chinese ancestor painting which eventually wound up permanently wall-mounted in a friends living room. But this cache of Han Dynasty […]

  • antique appraisals
  • Rosewood Antique Bench – value

    Recently we have installed a live-chat function, and we start to meet a lot of interesting people through that. There was this man who possesses an antique bench from China, a masterpiece. He would like to know the value of it. Sounds like : “the antiques road show” on BBC television! (where people bring their […]

  • Antique Restorations
  • Buying unrestored: Custom antique restorations means usability

    One of the best things about controlling your own restorations is the ability to decide what the final result will look like. This end result can sometimes be as important as the original because the “customer’s customer” is going to be thinking about where and how the piece will fit into their home. Often a […]