• Chinese History
  • Burn, loot and pillage! Destruction of antiques during China’s Cultural Revolution.

    damage antiques during china cultural revolution-strip

      Being out on the web, I get so many emails from people asking for help identifying pieces, woods, etc. I would love to be able to reply to them all, but its just not possible (hey – anyone want to pay me for this? ūüėČ ) But this particular one which came in a […]

  • Architectural Items
  • Red star over China – These temple carvings from the cultural revolution era sport politically correct themes

    Stowe Sprague was kind enough to send me these interesting photos on her blog from her visit to¬†the Tulou region of Nanjing county,¬†Fujian province. ¬†During her visit to a temple in the town of Taxialou, she noticed the temple’s architectural¬†wood carvings had been replaced with “politically correct themes” rather then the traditional Chinese motifs. Apparently […]