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  • Look at the dirt – quick tips for authenticating neolithic and ancient Chinese pottery

    real verse fake chinese porcelain-earthenware-ceamic-terracotta

    Super quick post regarding a recent discussion I was having about cleaning antiquities, particularly those which would have been buried underground. While there are many highly specialized and scientific ways to authenticate a piece (for example TL testing), there are also some very practical clues one can look out for. For example dirt. When an […]

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  • Germany’s fake terracotta warriors – seems even the museums get duped sometimes

    GERMANY-FAKE Terra Cotta Warrior

    Somehow I missed this one (which dates all the way back to 2007).  While I have to admit its a bit cynical to say it, I find this absolutely hilarious (on so many levels, I can’t even begin to touch on all of them).  From rampant piracy in China, to its historical context concerning fakes […]

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  • Guide to Chinese Furniture – Part 3) Fakes & Replications

    FAKE/REPLICATION New, handcrafted pieces using natural materials (May use older or aged materials). Produced in a workshop or “cottage industry” environment and based on actual antiques with extra effort put into each piece for it to be made to look unique. Like antiques items can be very similar though no two will be exactly alike. […]