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  • Woman finds out her father’s jade collection is worth over a million USD.

    18th-Century Qianlong Jade Collection from Qing Dynasty Appraised Value: $710,000 – $1,070,000 Watch the appraisal video here on the Antiques Roadshow website. Or even better, watch this interview with the owner in North Carolina. GUEST: My father was in China two different times– I think in the late ’30s and sometime during the ’40s, with […]

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  • Guide to buying Chinese Antiques on eBay

    The Brutal Truth about Buying Chinese Antiques on eBay This is a great little guide from an ebay seller who goes by the screen name of  loveshackbaybee. Its fairly comprehensive and worth a reprint here. Well written, very candid and overall good advice for the masses looking to pick up that “authentic Qing Dynasty vase […]