• antique appraisals
  • Red or Black Lacquer Gilt Paintings – determining the old from the new on Chinese gold painted furniture.


      I was recently looking over a gilded and painted antique Chinese book cabinet (书柜), with a customer in a very expensive Hong Kong antique dealers shop. I casually remarked that the gold paintings have been retouched and in some cases were completely new. (Though the dealer would swear the paintings were original, whether they knew […]

  • antique appraisals
  • Blurring the line further… How to tell if its a genuine antique?

    If you read my previous post “blurring the line” you know how difficult it is to honestly decide whether or not an item should be considered an “genuine Chinese antique.” Answering this question becomes even more difficult when you consider the awkward journey a piece my take as it travels through the “antique-reproduction” supply chain. […]