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  • Look at the dirt – quick tips for authenticating neolithic and ancient Chinese pottery

    real verse fake chinese porcelain-earthenware-ceamic-terracotta

    Super quick post regarding a recent discussion I was having about cleaning antiquities, particularly those which would have been buried underground. While there are many highly specialized and scientific ways to authenticate a piece (for example TL testing), there are also some very practical clues one can look out for. For example dirt. When an […]

  • Cool Finds/Rare Items
  • Cool Finds: A look at some 2000 year old, Han Dynasty earthenwares

    Note: All images are clickable. During our treks and travels, we come across all sorts of rare, unusual and interesting things. Like this 300 year old temple table we stumbled across this past summer. Or this Chinese ancestor painting which eventually wound up permanently wall-mounted in a friends living room. But this cache of Han Dynasty […]

  • Porcelain, Ceramics & Blanc-de-chine
  • Authentic antique Chinese porcelain wares, pottery and oriental ceramics.

    I recently was looked over a friends personal collection of Chinese porcelain wares, which I have been meaning to post photos and descriptions of here for quite some time. For now, I have included a slide show below which pulls the images from ACF’s page on Flickr. Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR. The hi-resolution images can […]