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  • Import Nightmares – Readers share their experiences when things go wrong with China suppliers

    Chinese Antique Furniture Wholesaler - We are professional vendor selling chinese furniture for more than 15 years, we provide professional package and worldwide shipping. Trust, High-Effenciency,Service is the three keys we believe. Thanks for your attentions on us. Teams of Eastern Curio Group.

    Buyer beware! A look at some of the horror stories we have come across mostly from customers about scam companies such as antiquesbeijing.com, easterncurio.com, chineart.com, shanghaifurniture.com, Beijing Dragon Rising Antiques Sales company, Ningbo Bogu Antique Furniture.

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  • Comparing apples to oranges – more on determining quality in Chinese antique furniture

    Photos of these two cabinets have been floating around on our file server for quite a while and I have been meaning to put them up here as another excellent example of differences in quality between Chinese antique workshops and restoration as well as in Chinese Country Antique Furniture in general. These are both essentially […]

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  • Do you know what you are selling? Because your customer might not.

    I am noticing a trend where just about “everyone and anyone” is now selling so called “Chinese antique furniture” (or some variation of this) and misrepresenting it as any number of different things. Items made just yesterday (antique reproductions) are falsely labeled as genuine antiques and the real antiques are often completely misclassified. I recently […]