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  • Trend Guide: Rustic furniture made from reclaimed elm and other salvaged woods

    I was in the warehouse the other day looking over some pieces when I was reminded how much reclaimed, recycled and/or renewable materials are definitely a growing trend. A quick Google turns up a range of articles from Reclaimed furniture: Give trees a chance to buzz on various designer blogs. Even Furniture Industry trade publications […]

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  • Acheter des objets non restaurés : la tradition de restauration d’antiquités rejoint l’idee d’utilité

    Un des meilleurs avantages lorsque l’on controlle ses propres restaurations, c’est le fait de pouvoir décider du résultat final. Ce dernier peut être parfois aussi important que l’état d’origine car le “client du client” s’imaginera où et comment l’objet se fondra dans le décor de leur maison. Souvent la décision “d’acheter ou ne pas acheter” […]

  • Antique Reproductions
  • Another cracked laquer effect


    Another type of cracked lacquer does not require the use of sheets of fabric.  First a layer of “nizi” – a kind of adhesive, is spread evenly over the surface of the furniture,  preferably brushing on a thicker coat of “nizi” rather then a thin one.  The adhesive is then left to air dry for a short period […]

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  • Chinese Cracked Lacquer Finish

    A large sheet of fabric (often a course, light cotton) is laid out on top of a flat even surface such as a large sheet of plywood or a tabletop. A even coating of “Nizi” – a kind of adhesive, is spread evenly over the surface of the material. The adhesive is then let to […]