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  • Smuggled out just 4 years ago, a rare Tang Dynasty sarcophagus returns to China

    No wonder customs is so difficult when it comes to exporting antique stone these days….. The return of a smuggled Tang Dynasty (AD 618 – 907) sarcophagus from the United States to China may serve as a good example for international collaboration to curb the rampant pillaging and smuggling of treasures, researchers have said. The […]

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  • Smuggling fuels worldwide trade in Chinese antiquities

    Here is an excerpt from an interesting article I found on yahoo about Hong Kong’s Hollywood road: “On Hollywood Road, Hong Kong’s famed strip of art and antique outlets, the shopfronts provide a veritable tour of Chinese and Asian history, selling everything from Tibetan temple carpets and centuries-old Chinese wedding cabinets to giant Cambodian and […]