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  • Beautiful colors still remain on this brightly painted fo kan family shrine from Gansu used for ancestor worship

    Antique Chinese fo kan family shrine from Gansu

    Known as “fó kān” (佛龛) in Chinese these are shrines of worship – essentially a family temple. In ancient times, Fo Kan were dug from rock much like niches or grottos. Later stone, wood and other materials were used. Eventually Fo Kan began taking on architectural characteristics, modeling houses, official buildings and even palaces. This particular one is quite impressive and its owner would likely have had some level of material wealth.

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  • Books about collecting Tibetan Antiques and Tibetan furniture

    People frequently ask me for recommendation on good books to learn about Chinese and Tibetan Antiques. Here are a few from my own collection along with some additional suggestions. Tibetan Furniture by Chris Buckley Despite the author being a good friend of mine, and despite the fact that there really doesn’t seem to be too […]

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  • Tibetan painted furniture: Dinning table made from an old door.

    We have a fair amount of Tibetan painted furniture, though most of it is not genuine Tibetan antique furniture (despite what many claim). Most are either new or vintage, though we do sometimes find real antiques. In general, it tends to be a bit too bright and colorful for my tastes, though nevertheless, Tibetan furniture […]

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  • Basic guide to recognizing Tibetan antique furniture – Part 1

    “Tibetan” style furniture is a phrase used loosely and frequently items made just yesterday are placed side by side with items 50 or 80 years old. Of course, all are claimed to be real “Tibetan Furniture.” So when it comes to so called Tibetan” items, its important to know just what is is that you […]

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  • Integrating Tibetan furniture into the home

    Chinese furniture is becoming more and more popular, surely about 50% of the decorated homes have an item one or the other Asian style. Before the 90’s Asian furniture used in western interiors was often of a abstract, cold, zen style. Mono-colored cabinets, without any curls. Often plain red or black lacquered. But in the […]