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  • A “Laowai” from ancient times: A closer look at a Han dynasty bearded foreign groom

    Han dynasty tomb figurine

    Laowai (老外) is a common Chinese word often heard by any foreigner in China. Literally translated as “old foreigner” we often hear it all to many times. Yet, it seems foreign devils in China are not recent occurrences, judging by this foreign gentleman, who is a bearded Xianbei – Xiongnu guardian (or more likely a groom) based on […]

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  • Whoops! TV show assistant smashes 2,500-year-old Chinese bronze mirror

    Here is one that seemed to miss me, despite having even been picked up by wired magazine. Ever get nervous watching people handle priceless porcelain or works of art? Worried they might drop it? Well how about this one (Anyone have the video of this?). TV show assistant smashes 2,500-year-old bronze mirror 2007-01-17 03:30:10 Xinhua […]