• Furniture Design & Construction
  • How to avoid cracking and splitting in Chinese solid wood furniture

      “Is that a crack?” About once a week, I am asked this question. Some of the times, its about furniture which has been purchased elsewhere. Other times its about our own furniture. It might have been custom made or simply the customer purchased it from from a moving sale.  Some pieces might have traveled […]

  • Chinese Furniture
  • Woods used in making chinese furniture: Teak wood (you mu)

    Teak wood (yóu mù 柚 木) Click here to listen to Chinese Latin: Tectona grandis (IE true teak). African name: Baikiaea Plurijuga (Rhodesian Teak) Other trade names: Burma teak, Rangoon teak, moulmein teak, gia thi, jati sak, kyun, mai sak and rosawa. African teak wood trees and lumber Teakwood is an average hardness wood from […]

  • Asian Home Furnishings
  • Whitewashed, bleached and lime finishes are all the rage in furniture

    Recently we discussed the popularity of furniture constructed from salvaged materials like this reclaimed elm wood dining table and therefore it should be no surprise that the according to House Beautiful, the whitewashed look along with lightened wood, bleached finishes and limed finishes are growing just as much in popularity as well whether in Asian […]