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Here is some great collection of articles I found on wood finish supply.com’s website about lacquers & wood finishing. Its quite technical and really intended for woodworkers and the like but if that’s you, then this is a good resource.

Here is a sample of some of the articles:

  • The Anatomy of A Wood Finish
    These 3 basic finish steps apply to all finishes from the most basic wax or oil finish
    to high-tec coatings and even painting the exterior of a house or a room wall.
  • COLOR THEORY for the Woodworker & Furniture Finisher
    Mixing Stains or Dyes & Color Computer Instructions.
  • Glossary of Finishing Terms
    Woodfinishing Lingo
  • Stripping Wood Furniture
    Guidelines for stripping wood furniture and other fine wood surfaces.
  • Lacquer Finishing Check List
    Guidelines for spray finishing with Nitrocellulose Lacquer.
  • Lacquer Retarder & Flash Control
    Control of Lacquer Moisture Blushing, or Overspray, and Orange-Peel problems.
    Common nitrocellulose lacquer finishing problems defined; with causes & remedies.
  • Finishing Schedule for KITCHEN CABINETS
    Spray Schedule for Durability with Nitrocellulose Lacquer
    Text from from Wood Magazine article on the proper maintenance of furniture.
  • ” HOT STUFF ” Instant Glues & Solving Clogged Spouts
    How to get the most from Cyanoacrylate ” Hot Stuff “. Do’s & Dont’s — How To Use.
    Typical uses for Cyanoacrylate Instant Glues
    ANILINE DYE Information and Application Guidelines.
  • LIMING, a Limed Wood Finish also known as Pickled or “Whitewash”
    This is a traditional wax finish for decorative furniture and wood surfaces
  • SHELLAC FLAKE, Mixing and Application Information
  • A guide to FRENCH POLISHING with Shellac –
  • ROTTENSTONE & PUMICE for Finish Rubbing Techniques for traditional rubbing of finishes to satin or high-gloss sheens.

The full text of the articles are here on their site: https://www.mcn.org/a/lib/wfs/articles.html

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