Video: Art of Asia: Ceramics – Innovations in Clay

innovations-in-clay-970x550 Video: Art of Asia: Ceramics - Innovations in Clay

There are some good youtube posting on porcelain and ceramics, starting out with this interesting eight minute long academic video overview of the history of Asian ceramics put out by the “Minneapolis Institute of Arts.

“Ceramic production in Asia dates back many thousands of years. The Chinese have always been regarded as the undisputed masters of ceramics. Other Asian cultures have made astonishing contributions as well. The collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts sheds light on virtually every type of Asian ceramic—from Neolithic vessels, to Japanese tea bowls, to Chinese export porcelain, and beyond. “

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  1. Chinese pottery is absolutely amazing. Ok I don’t know much about modern artists but the old Chinese pieces, especially the one or bicolored ones are often impressive.

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