Hot Seller: Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

a0005709 Hot Seller: Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

 Chinese horse hair calligraphy brushes seem to be a hot seller recently. Actually, they have been doing well for quite some time now. We get quite a number of requests for them, particularly from smaller shops, boutiques and designers. They make great accessory items which fit with a range of decorating styles – and depending on how they are displayed, can be seen either as “exotic,” “world traveler,” or simply “oriental.” They are small enough to ship express and inexpensive enough to be impulse buys (while thinking about larger purchases). Whats not to like about them? They come in a range of materials from carved green jade, carved stone, pearl, bone handle, bamboo, glass beads or Cloisonne.

green-500 Hot Seller: Chinese Calligraphy Brushes
A Chinese calligraphy brush with cowbone and faux carved jade handle

Side note: Have a quick look at this video of Chinese water graffiti which I found on Reuben Miller’s blog. Pretty cool actually and yes, some of the larger brushes do get used for this in fact. Every time I go to Jing Shan park in Beijing there is always someone doing this.

Like these brushes?

Head over to our Home decor reference catalog for wholesalers to get some for yourself.

These are of course reproductions… One customer in France had an excellent idea on how to increase value (and add a nice touch as well). He requested we have correctly sized boxes made for them.

p7040076 Hot Seller: Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

Material Girls Blog noticed a great way to display them on the M Design website (which by the way, has some very impressive interiors). Had not thought of hanging them before….

via-m-design Hot Seller: Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

 Stylecourt, always hot on the heels of any trend, has some nice ideas for displaying calligraphy brushes. Personally I prefer these iron ones over the standard wooden stands. Head over to their post entitled Visiting the Cote de Texas for a bit more.

display_stand_for_caligraphy_brush Hot Seller: Chinese Calligraphy Brushes

* Photo by Byron Newland

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  1. One additional note. When purchasing, prices generally break down according to the size, diameter and the materials used. For example, the larger ones (longer ones) or wider ones(where the circumference is quite thick often at least an or more) , are more expensive as are ones where the materials are more valuable (for example the red coral ones).

    I just uploaded photos of the ENTIRE line of these brushes to our gallery at:

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