Beijing Field trip: Outdoor Wholesale Chinese Antique Market Tour

img_0128 Beijing Field trip: Outdoor Wholesale Chinese Antique Market Tour

ACF China and the The Hutong will be co-organizing a field trip this Saturday morning to visit a outdoor wholesale market where peasants from the countryside bring antique furniture to sell to wholesalers, specialists and restorers. This is an extremely rare opportunity to see where antique furniture comes from and what it looks like in its original un-restored form. 100% wholesale only, this market exists only through word of mouth and cannot be found in any guidebook or map. ACF’s Roger Schwendeman will be accompanying the group as a specialists and guide as well as to answer questions about styles, origins and history.

Estimated time (including travel) will be approximately 2.5 hours total (including 20 minutes each direction of travel time). The group will meet in front of the China World Trade Center (in front of Starbucks across from HSBC) at 10 AM sharp.
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Space is limited for this trip and we can accommodate up to ten people only which means you MUST pre-register. Cost will include transportation. Please wear comfortable clothing which can get dirty as this market is extremely dusty.

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  1. Hi, I will be traveling to Beijing mid July and would be interested to visit this outdoor antique market. Does anybody have the address?
    Thank you.

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  3. Jochen,

    These places do not exist on any maps nor will any drivers know how to reach them. They also change location from time to time as well. Also the suppliers here do not speak English and many in fact speak local dialects of Mandarin which makes communication difficult for the uninitiated. The items here are also unrestored and you would need your own restoration facility before they would be of any use. Feel free to contact us and we might be able to assist you.

  4. wanted more info on woods used the the chinese in carvings and old pre 1930 tables chairs and more great photo of woods got me here . i would like to get small planks like photos . i am getting a rare water worn branched tree some thing like hunam wood light tan . i was told there is no more the dealar has great carving in it at 7000 . $ too much for me john

  5. John – old carvings are quite a specialist topic and the wood tends to vary depending on the geographic location. Better quality carvings will tend to be hardwoods like camphor or even rosewood.

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