A reading list of recommended books for collectors of Tibetan antiques and artifacts

Tibetan-Furniture A reading list of recommended books for collectors of Tibetan antiques and artifacts

People frequently ask me for recommendation on good books to learn about Chinese and Tibetan Antiques. Here are a few from my own collection along with some additional suggestions.

Despite the author being a good friend of mine, and despite the fact that there really doesn’t seem to be too many good books out there on Tibetan furniture though even if there were, its likely this one would still remain at the top of the list. The amount of history and detail covered in this book is amazing, as is the fascinating and stunning images of  furniture and  Tibetan symbolism. More then just a “coffee table book,” this hardcover offers an extremely in depth look at the history, craftsmanship, techniques, meanings and just about anything else one might want to know behind Tibetan painted furniture. The novice will walk away sounding like an expert after studying this book and even the expert will  be surprised at just how much more there is to learn.

You can also check out Chris’s RugDogBlog at:


(archive version here)

I have yet to add this book on Tibetan furniture to my collection though I plan to as it looks pretty good. Though a bit more expensive than Chris Buckley’s book it definitely seems to be worth having if you primary area of study is items from Tibet.

Books of further interest:

Disclaimer –

Tibetan Artifacts by Mircea Veleanu may be useful as a VERY general guide only. Lots of negative feedback about this author and their credibility here on the China History forum:


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