Spring Schedule: Upcoming Antiques Classes & Talks

antiques_workshop-02-300x224 Spring Schedule: Upcoming Antiques Classes & Talks

This spring, Chris Buckley and Roger Schwendeman will continue with their popular antiques classes. These classes will offer both introductory and advanced knowledge and provide some pointers for negotiating the maze/minefield that is the Beijing antique market as well as for finding genuine items of good quality. The first sessions begin this Saturday, March 24th with a furniture related class from Roger (Chinese Furniture – understanding woods and materials).

The full list of classes is pasted below, if you would like to sign up please register online here or click on each individual class listing (below).

About Us:

Roger_schwendeman_on_china_central_televison-150x150 Spring Schedule: Upcoming Antiques Classes & Talks  Roger Schwendeman is a furniture dealer, restorer, expert and designer. He has been working in furniture markets in Beijing and South China for the last decade and probably has more hands-on experience with old furniture than any other expat in Beijing. More information about Roger can found here.
CBt-150x150 Spring Schedule: Upcoming Antiques Classes & Talks  Chris Buckley is the owner of the Torana Tibetan Rug Gallery in Europlaza and a weaving workshop in Lhasa. He is also a collector of textiles, porcelain and Tibetan art and author of a book on Tibetan Furniture. He has lived in China since 1995. To learn more about Chris Buckley please visit www.toranahouse.com


Classes are limited to 12-15 per session depending on venue, field trips are limited to 15-20. Places are first-come first-served so if you have interest please reply without delay. All classes are from 10.30am to 12pm approximately. Allow longer for field trips for traveling time.

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  1. I haven’t hear this this. kinda interesting in your blog gee thanks!

  2. Anna Lisa Ghini says:

    I`d love to join the remaining of these classes, if possible.

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