Peranakan Beadwork: My Heritage

Peranakan-Beadwork-My-Heritage-1170x550 Peranakan Beadwork: My Heritage
Peranakan-Beadwork-My-Heritage-748x1024 Peranakan Beadwork: My Heritage
ISBN: 978-9810844486
goodreads Peranakan Beadwork: My Heritage
Southeast Asia is known to many as a region teeming with tourist destinations, economic opportunities and ex-colonies, but a lesser-known facet is its colourful Peranakan culture. In this book, Straits Chinese culture is viewed through the lens of beadwork production. As a vital part of Peranakan culture, beadwork becomes an important social document. Although languishing by the second half of the 20th century, a revival of the metier has been brought about in recent years single-handedly by the renowned beader and teacher, Bebe Seet. In this present volume, Bebe provides an avenue by which our current knowledge of beadwork is reconstructed. Through her expertise and her clear, illustrated instructions to beginners, the book also aims to underline the ways in which beadwork is still relevant in our contemporary society. The result is a much-needed breath of fresh air injected into a dying form of art, and any lover of Peranakan culture will find this tome a comprehensive and insightful overview of the history, aesthetics and methods of beadwork, much of which has remained - until now - in the realm of amateurs and connoisseurs of the craft.

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  • ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-9810844486

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