Where can I find good books on Chinese wood carvings and architectural elements?

I get a ton of emails each week asking where to find more information on various antiques related topics. Recently there have been an unusual number of emails asking for information on wood carvings in particular. Here is one from this week: “I have a wooden architectural carving that was a mantle for a gate. It […]

Traditional chinese houses – from the countryside into the city (with million dollar profits too)

  Very interesting article in the China daily talking about the resale market for Ming and Qing dynasty Chinese traditional homes which are disassembled, transported, repaired and then resold to restaurants, clubs or wealthy collectors.  Now this is an interesting topic which I could easily get lost in as it just touches on so many interesting elements from Hui […]

Guide to antique doors and antique door panels.

I was in the warehouse just a few days ago, looking over a batch of antique door panels which just came in and it really reminded me just how cool some of these pieces are, especially the iron hardware, the various textures, and the overall character and charm of these bits of history. In the […]

Trend Guide: Rustic furniture made from reclaimed elm and other salvaged woods

Reclaimed wood furniture

Reclaimed & salvaged materials are environmentally friendly in that there are no new trees cut down to make the piece. Sources of wood may be old railroad ties, beams from old houses that have been demolished or even old doors. Old elm tends to be a favorite as Elm in fairly common in China.