The ultimate comprehensive english/Chinese dictionary of chinese furniture vocabulary and terms

I have seen this list floating around on the internet (though I have no idea where it originally came from). Though some terms are region-specific, its nevertheless very comprehensive with over 450 different terms. Chinese Pinyin English 朵云双螭纹 duǒ yún shuāng chī wén Cloud surrounded by confronting dragons motif. In order to make it a […]

Learning Mandarin Chinese: Lesson 052: Chinese Antiques.

5000x5000-300x300-1 Learning Mandarin Chinese: Lesson 052: Chinese Antiques.

Want to visit an antique market and learn about antiques in Mandarin Chinese? I came across this Mandarin lessons online website which offers free lessons in learning to speak Mandarin Chinese. The lessons can be heard online or downloaded in mp3 format. Lesson 52 is specifically about Chinese antiques. Here is a small sampling of […]

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