The roots of Hong Kong’s antiques trade and collections

The main members of the curio and antique trade from North China who moved to Hong Kong after 1949

A nod to the Chinese New Year month and the roots of Hong Kong, this talk takes a look at the strength and resilience of Chinese antique trade and collecting in the city. This talk will cover the perseverance and revitalisation of this trade in contemporary times, the current social climate, the ongoing global pandemic and more.

Hong Kong, el paraíso del contrabando de antigüedades… que China quiere aprovechar

Una mujer observa varias antigüedades en una vitrina durante la feria Fine Arts Asia

PEKÍN PONE FRENO A LOS CAZATESOROS httpss:// Rodeado de esculturas de feroces dioses budistas, mercaderes de la ruta de la Seda y voluptuosas cortesanas de la dinastía Tang, el propietario de uno de los numerosos anticuarios de Hollywood Road, una de las calles más antiguas de Hong Kong, enseña con orgullo su colección. “La mayoría de piezas […]

The rise and fall of Hong Kong’s Hollywood road – Part 1 of 3: The Rise

Hong Kong’s famous “antique street” Hollywood Road, was completed in 1844 and was the 2nd road to be built in Hong Kong, after Queens Road Central. These were the very earliest days of the colony, and its role as gateway to the east was only just starting to become established. At that time, Hollywood Road was quite close to the coastline (significantly more so than today, due to reclamation of the harbor) and its near proximity to the shoreline, meant the area was never short of foreign merchants and sailors on their way back to Europe.

A large collection of Chinese, Burmese & Thai antiquities on offer from a private seller

  An exceptionally fine and rare large reclining Burmese Mandalay period Buddha. On offer is two privately held collections of Chinese and Southeast Asian antiquities for sale. In total there are over 70 different pieces in both collections. Collection consists of Chinese Neolithic, Han, Warring States and Ming Dynasty pottery and terracotta, Burmese and Thai […]