Combined talk and antique market trip

DATE: Saturday 21 Apr 2012 - 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM

ADDRESS: GaoBeiDian Bridge, 高碑店路高碑店桥 朝阳区,北京

MAP: (For directions, see bottom of page)

CONTACT:Roger Schwendeman,, 86-14715493033 or 86-13051440767

Roger will host a combined talk and a guided trip to one of Beijing’s “industry only” antique furniture markets to see “furniture in the raw”, with the chance to pick out unrestored furniture for later restoration. Roger is well known for these trips and will take you to places that other furniture dealers would like to keep secret.

This is an extremely rare opportunity to see where antique furniture comes from and what it looks like in its original un-restored form. 100% wholesale only, this market existsonly through word of mouth and cannot be found in any guidebook or map.

Cost will include transportation. Please wear comfortable clothing which can get dirty as this market is extremely dusty.

Price:RMB 200.00 RMB

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