Private Sale – Unique Beijing Hutong Shopping Experience

Please mark your calendars! Merci de marquer vos agendas ! La Maison Taupe will be opening its shopping doors once more for two days of carefully chosen selections of rare and unusual antiques, folk art, furniture, bags, accessories and children’s cashmere in the idyllic surroundings of a downtown courtyard house.  For two days only, enjoy a […]

A brief history of colonial “old Shanghai” style Art Deco furniture

colonial_old-shanghai-art-deco-chaira0003306 A brief history of colonial "old Shanghai" style Art Deco furniture

Old Shanghai furniture can be roughly broken down into three categories, which correspond to the stages of the city’s development as well as to the style of buildings in which the majority of the population resided. These started with the shikumen longtang, which dominated from the mid Nineteenth Century up until about 1920, through the […]

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