How to assemble a chinese wedding bed

chinese_wedding_bed How to assemble a chinese wedding bed

I was searching for some photos of Chinese wedding beds and Chinese canopy beds when this humorous page came up on Chris Johnson’s personal website entitled How to Assemble an Antique Two Room Chinese Wedding Bed.” This along with his main Chinese Bed page is worth having a look at (The photos below are from his page).

I have done this myself and its not as bad as it looks, though it takes a few people to do it (I am surprised two was enough). Amazing how the whole thing collapses down, eh? One thing to be careful about – if there is a missing or left behind piece, the whole thing may be impossible to assemble.

chinese_wedding_bed_assembly-0 How to assemble a chinese wedding bed
chinese_wedding_bed_assembly-1 How to assemble a chinese wedding bed


chinese_wedding_bed_assembly-2 How to assemble a chinese wedding bed

The final assembled bed:

chinese_wedding_bed How to assemble a chinese wedding bed

I just had a new reproduction Chinese canopy bed made for my home and due to the effort and labor it takes to make one, it cost me about twice as much as an antique one. Bed’s are funny things in that, Chinese tend not to buy antique wedding beds due to superstitions (namely that someone probably died in them and therefore the bed is probably haunted). Consequently antique canopy beds can be often cheaper then reproductions.

Thats good news for this person who is lusting after antique bed for her home!

This person already got theirs: Vifargent: The Bed

4 Replies to “How to assemble a chinese wedding bed”

  1. TAN YONG HWE says:

    I am contemplating of buying one similar set from a friend nearby. It is the real one by the look of the seasoned and worn out wood in certain part of the bed. It is black and has intricate carvings which are so beautiful. The wood is solid and firm. I figure out that this could be 300 years old set. My only problem is where to put this set. I am short of space. It would make a great conversation piece and a pleasure to own one.

  2. TAN YONG HWE says:

    I must add that it is dull red in colour and not as stated earlier. I am fighting my inner urge to buy this set. It is too beautiful to pass. I am not superstitious about it been haunted. It would be welcoming if the spirit comes along with the set. Someone from the past to chat with.

  3. quail egg says:

    this is so funny! this is MY bed! i mean, my actual bed. i purchased it many years ago. i got it on eBay. that was even the original photo with the red pillows that i requested they send along with the bed, which they did. it arrive gorgeously crated and in great shape. i bought it about 18 years ago. used it in a loft for several years, but sadly it is in storage and has been for the past 9 years. very nice bed. very dreamy to sleep it. everyone thinks they are ‘rare’ (the sellers all say the same thing: commissioned by a wealthy family hundreds of years ago, of such and such dynasty). they are not. they are very nice reproductions that are a joy to sleep in. not worth more than i paid though. $5k that many years go

  4. Ha! Thats awesome. Beds like this are a lot of fun. Like little forts or little houses! There are reproductions out there as well, but yours is indeed antique though. At that time they were around and reasonably priced. One of the reasons you can still get antique ones is local Chinese tend to be superstitious about sleeping in antique beds. Although you are correct in the “flowery stories” the sellers make up about them. 🙂

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